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network engineering services

LAN/WAN routing services

AggreGateway provides complete LAN and WAN services, from design and implementation, to ongoing monitoring and management. With significant experience with the latest networking technologies, our team ensures maximum performance and availability of mission critical services.

Our engineering team consults with customers, manufactures, and vendors to scope, design and install turn-key solutions, as well as cost-effective refresh and upgrades to existing infrastructure.

AggreGateway has a track record of working with the following industries:

Local and State Public Safety
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Wireless Backhaul solutions

AggreGateway provides dedicated wireless backhaul links for a wide range of public, private, and commercial needs.

Our most common wireless backhaul deployments are for local, state, and federal government agencies seeking to provide network access to distributed or remote locations.

AggreGateway backhaul solutions can be applied to add higher levels of reliability to existing networks, boasting 99.999% uptime. Our experience of proven wireless backhaul solutions has been used in various industries such as public safety, enterprise, and education.

Microwave Backhaul Solutions: 

Point-to-Point Wireless (PTP) is a method of connecting two sites when cabling cannot be deployed. Ideal for locations where fiber lease lines are too difficult or expensive. In addition, a PTP solution can be used to connect and extend networks from two different sites.
Point to Multipoint Wireless (PMP) is a method of connecting multiple sites when cabling cannot be deployed. Ideal for locations were cabling is too difficult or expensive.
Wireless Mesh
Mesh network topology is a key network architecture in which devices are connected with many redundant interconnections between network nodes.

In a wireless mesh network, only one node needs to be physically wired to a network connection. That one wired node then shares its connection wirelessly with all other nodes in its vicinity. The more nodes, the further the connection spreads, creating a wireless "cloud of connectivity.”

Mesh is an ideal network solution for vehicles, boats, helicopters, and body cameras, needing mobile connectivity.
Radio deployment

Wireless Installation Services

Designing and deploying a critical radio link or wireless network can be technically challenging and requires industry knowledge and expertise. AggreGateway offers a variety of consultancy services to help with the design, engineering, and deployment of wireless communications solutions.

We embrace many leading microwave radio technologies in providing a broad range of innovative network and communication services, proven processes and robust systems.

AggreGateway teams up with several certified industry leading professionals in providing tower installation and engineering expertise for site installation and removal for the following services:

Site Installation
Site Acquisition and Site Design
Line of Site and Installation Surveys
Rigging & Installation Services
Radio Site Decommissioning
Antenna Installation, swap and upgrades
IT Support

IT Support

Server administration. Installing and configuring computer systems. Diagnosing and solving IT hardware/software faults. LAN, WAN, MPLS, and more — AggreGateway makes it simple for your network to get the infrastructure it needs. Whether implementing a new network, upgrading an existing one or simply adding to it, we provide end-to-end service. By designing and implementing the right solution, we help your network operate more efficiently.

AggreGateway expertise will help with:

Network Engineering
server Administration
Application Support
System Intergration
Wireless solutions
Project Management
Network Monitoring
Video Surveillance Solutions

Video Surveillance Solutions

We provide a range of high performing security camera systems for surveillance purposes, in both the private and public sectors. Video surveillance is a valuable tool leveraged by verticals worldwide to mitigate risk, enhance security, and streamline operations.

With the right technology, organizations can be more aware and practice a proactive security posture to mitigate threats, concentrating efforts on achieving situational awareness and increasing real-time response to threats.

Organizations can gain the most relevant video and security information at any given time.

AggreGateway video expertise can support the following:

Helicopter Video Down/Uplink
Hardware Selection
Video Management Software
Analog and IP Video Cameras
System Integration
Wired and Wireless Solutions
Mobile Command. Patrol Vehicle. Boats. Helicopter.

Mobile Communication solutions

AggreGateway engineers have experience in understanding the importance of integrating video, RF, surveillance, and communications equipment to meet public safety needs.

We have a proven record in selecting, installing, and maintaining network equipment in law enforcement and emergency vehicles. We specialize in installation and maintenance for squad, patrol cars, mobile command trailers, and specialty vehicles.

Mobile Command Vehicle
Mesh network designs allow for real time video downlink from helicopter to ground stations.
High powered mesh networks allow for real time video downlink to be transmitted to essential public safety ground stations. In addition, a network gateway is provided for on board helicopter pilots.
Patrol Vehicle
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Mobile Surveillance
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Let Us Build Your WiFi Network

Enterprise WiFi solutions

Reliable High speed WiFi solutions. Wireless and hardwired LAN internet services for business and government entities. We offer assessment, hardware and cable installation, configuration, and optimization of wireless equipment to provide a complete end-to-end WiFi internet solution.

We are a full-service networking company that specializes in WiFi technology. Using wireless surveys, budgetary information and technical requirements, we can assist in designing your current and future needs.

In order to successfully install a network infrastructure, everything must be carefully engineered and designed. What we will do:

Wireless Site Survey
A site survey is critical in the planning stages. There can be unknown interference or lack of signal propagation, which can affect coverage of each WiFi access point. It’s necessary to correctly determine exactly where these access points will be placed. In turn this will also show us where the need to cable the network hardware and endpoints.
Network Design
A well-planned network design takes site survey findings as well as budgetary requirements and end goals into account. With these three in hand we will move forward in selecting the right network hardware for your network.
Configuration & Installation
Based on the network design, our experienced engineers and technicians will configure and install the proposed network hardware.
Post Support
By working with industry leaders, AggreGateway integrate the best possible networking equipment to support your WiFi environment. Our expertise include but not limited to: Cisco Systems, Ubiquiti Networks, Cambium Networks, Ruckus Wireless
professional leadership

Project Management

Project scope and statement of work. implementation schedule. Liaise with project stakeholders. Budget and cost development.

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